The World Is Blank

wiping off memory

with its bright light

washing away thoughts

like the waves

of the sea

and this life

is so precious

shining like

the moon

in my hands

then maybe

it is this forgetfulness

I must cherish

my face I see

in the silver glow

I must give up in joy

only then will I

understand that

the beauty of living

is in dying.

The Sunlight Speaks

to the forest

and the forest

speaks to me

the wind dances

in happiness

and the birds chirp

in such joy

the blue sky smiles

and I am awash

with memories

flashes of happy days

gone by

go dancing

in my mind

and I say O life

you are so kind

you have helped me

find my heart

and I laugh

in such ecstasy

the universe echoes

in transcending waves

of wild delight

that take me out

of this cosmos

and bring me back

born again.

There Is So Much Love

in this little girl

in her talk

my heart

is warmed

day in

and day out

her sweet voice

calling amaa amaa

and everyone here

is delighted

with her

one neighbour

cooing vaave vaave


and at this baby’s prattle

her family

laughs aloud

and I know

she is enchanted

with life

her conversations

full of wonder

at the world

and she is

so happy


she sings

Happy Birthday.


amaa amaa’ is Tamil for ‘mother mother’

vaave vaave sunnari’ is Malayalam for ‘baby baby beautiful’

To Go Back 2000 Years

you need to dig deep

into the earth

and find the right cave

and inside it

you will hear

such beautiful music

melodies so sweet

you will turn into air

and you will blow

over gardens

of peacocks

and deer

and roses

into the faces

of lovers

and it will be

your breath

with which

they kiss.