So Lost I Am In Some Place

I don’t know

I have drifted

so far away

I have no idea

of my way back

and I am wandering

all over

these strange roads

like some ghost

and the world’s


hurts me

I am angry at life

for having

been so wicked

to me

broken my body

and now my mind

begins to break down too

and I can feel the heat

I am soon burning

like the pages

of a book

I am consumed

by flames

and then

my ashes blow

in the wind.

My Mind Is Space

opening up

on and on

in various shapes

and it is

so nice

to feel this way

I think

I am floating

in these places

light as air

I am blowing

so free

and these planes

and figures

keep growing

and growing

and I am drifting

in such peace

there is such solace

in my heart

I fly and fly.

In The Forest

the birds are chirping

the sun is golden

and the silence

is so peaceful

it touches your heart

and calms you down

and you are flying

like a bird

you are free

and to the green valleys


you sing

and glide through the air

you are without a care

you feel lighter

than a feather

and life is beautiful

you croon

all day

and at night

you sleep on the moon.

The Mind The Mind

is so disturbed

at war with itself

within my head

swords clash

words lash

and there is

such a din

I can’t bear it

my brain is burning

and my body

is exhausted

what do I do

and this horror

just goes on and on

day after day

and its getting worse

I am now its prisoner

there is no escape

breaking down

in the end

I want to

go away

from this world


We Had Become Mad

everyone was throwing stones

at everyone

and it all began

with someone’s anger

at someone else

but you cannot control


sometimes even yourself

and so we just lost it

and the violence spread

it engulfed cities and nations

and continents

and finally the entire Earth itself

and we were dying

like flies

falling to the ground

bleeding and badly wounded

breathing our last

and soon we humans

were a thing of the past.


like a demented insect


my mind chatters

about real and inane things

my head begins to burn

and I feel my worn out body

like dead weight

and the world now

is a ball of blood

in which I am trying

to swim

I thrash about

with my arms

and legs

as the liquid

floods me

in waves

and I drink

the blood

of my fellow humans

and animals

as I drown.

Town Is Peaceful

some shops closed

some open

and the people

were chilled out too

my body and mind relaxed

as I walked Kumily’s

KK Road

and it is so nice

to live here

so quiet

I thought

as I went past

the policeman

at the junction

it was so picturesque

so beautiful

the white Post Office

and as I walked

to the rickshaw stand

a rickshaw comes by

and the driver knows me

and takes me

straight home

and I am so happy.

The World Is Whispering

through the wind

it is saying hello

how are you

and I say hi

I’m good

and the birds here

chirp so sweetly

and the breeze says

Kumily is so nice

slow life

that’s right

I reply

this is one place

you can fly

and the air

says yes

here you can

go really high

life ambles by and by

you become

light as a kite

exactly I say

it’s so much fun

my oh my.

Joy And Peace

dance in my heart

like lovers

and I hold solace

in my hands

like the moon

and when

I look into it

I transcend

the world

and I glow

in everyone

and everything

in the tiger

running in the forest

in every object

in the universe

I am lit with happiness

and you can feel

my pulse in the cosmos

and it’s saying

I love you.