A Black Dot


my mind’s home


grey lead






my old classroom

primary section

St Joseph’s High School

ash I say again

and out of it

the day comes

golden buildings

in the sun

and oh yes the trees

those magical creatures breathing

those crows


what fun

Wadala market in the morning

my red earth schoolground


such heavy rain

entire grey days

I would wear my raincoat

and walk through water

slosh slosh slosh slosh

in a trance of wet green grass

Five Gardens

emerald lakes

where I was Emperor in my great Gothic castle

lord of all I saw

sailing to school

in my paperboat

the cold grey metal

of the garden railings

dripping raindrops

of blue skies swimming

upside down

what a world!

what a world!

the stars all floating

in the water

getting into

my rainy shoes

the entire VJTI hostel

gobbled up by the moon

rolling in catcalls of laughter whistles

loud electric cloudbursts of Disco joy

played by our peon Prabhakar

while we stomped the staircases

the maroon suede curtains open

on that old wooden stage

with a trapdoor

and the rain continues to pour

the same wild blaring rain

pouring through in Andheri today

where it rains trains

where the skies crash

over the buildings

whole rivers of rain

where the water

now rises to the 6th floor

where I live

and pours into my yellow room

where I write

enough Dominic enough

this way

you will let

the whole world

drown in your eyes

and drown yourself too

start again

go back to  the beginning

go back to your mind’s home



a black dot.