In Kumily

the bird

sings so sweetly

and the trees

are so beautiful

they make you feel

like mist

you are that calm

imagine reader

I vomited three times yesterday

the long winding road

so cleverly

brought my life

the horror

blood to my eyes

I did not know all this

I just went with the flow

I suffered

I sweated

I nearly cried

with the pain

in my heart

then there was complete darkness

I was lost to myself

I was just pitch black nothingness

a colour even I could not fully understand

it was like that my dear

and now there are more birds whistling

and singing

and the trees and the sky are their home

sweet home

and Claus told me he went mad about the generator next door

it was too noisy

he had complained many times

some days ago I saw my flesh was strange to me

in the city

as though I was now something else

I felt I had lost my princely garden my paradise

I was transparent open and my life

was just mine just like that

I was scared

I tell you my friend

I felt like a dead bug

at the end of my table where I ate

for months it was there

dust we are

and so peaceful

the birds continue to sing

we are one

open your heart

Claus said say thank you

to the water

and you will get well.

You Would Know This

the afternoon asleep

like a log

the sun pouring and pouring

its light

the streets in silence

the lone man or two out

walking slowly

as though in a dream

the cars parked

deep in slumber

with always one rusted long dead

and here sometimes

when that rare breeze blows

a stray dry leaf

dragging along the road

is loud enough

to keep echoing in your head

50 paces or more.


The above poem is from my second book Circling the Sky (2013).