My Mind

is such

it is barely there

go to the sky

I tell it

and there it stays


on some cloud

then back it is here today

with the rain

and the silver train

isn’t it beautiful

I ask myself

the buildings

and there

across the spread

of the city

in the morning

through the myriad maze

of windows

the colours of whites pinks and blues

all standing in a wide semi-circle

making me think of the sea

through the trees

the birds chirping

flying in flocks or singly

in the sky

the people

in the still empty streets

through my house

through the Coleridge biography

I finished

before breakfast

through the newspaper

I read after that

through all that mad horror assailing

through my bath

and finally through the words

of this poem

my mind has come back

to me.


The above poem is from my third collection The Branches (2015).

Now The Moon

has found a way

to come down

to our town

here she sits

by the street corner


and there she climbs

into bed

and is gone

O the world

is so strange

so crazy

about tubelights

and tea

how lonely

everything is

especially the trees

how weird it feels

how sad to see

these birds

flying in this

huge triangle

against the sky

in the evening

so then

the stage is set

and the foxes

and the hounds

are all underground

even the vegetables

in the baskets

are feeling odd

left like that

and see how

the buildings

are beginning

to turn into elephants


running amok.