Thick Black Human Paste

Decomposed Himalaya human

whales roam

dinosaur days

you are a ship

in the sea

and the sky

crumples like dust

over you

and how does that feel?

imagine the entire darkness burning at once


what it would be like

just flames

and you burn

and there is nothing to do

you know this

yes I thought so

and think of zoos with yellow animals

stars sprinkling blue nights

like a mindless vacuum

hands legs eyes ears nose tongue

can you walk?

there is this lamppost in a mountain beyond your mind

they say

you can try that

walking with all the large lorries coming down the highway

you may feel the world moving

everything here is already moving now

the buildings the cities

all these people these windows these rooms

these taxis these bicycles bumping

into each other

collapsing like crazy

and you just keep walking

keep walking my friend

until your legs begin disappearing

and your body floats through air like a song fading

and your mind goes out

and there is nothing.


The above poem is from my third collection The Branches (2015).


A Beautiful Blue Wind

blows from the skies

towards me

here in bed

looking out my window

it is a big cloud of wind

deep coloured

it has music

it has soul

it turns into

a man

and dances

before me

and then I have

a dream

where the blue wind weeps

after its voyage

its long lone perilous journey

through brown hills

and just disappears

and it is so sad

there is

so much crying

the oceans roar

in the darkness at night

the city the buildings

sleep under the streetlights

dreaming up

visions of happiness

of bliss

I am transfixed

is this so

I ask

and there is silence

then slowly

I hear birds chirp

a crow caws

someone drops a vessel

in a flat nearby

I hear two trains

go by silently

and then a man’s

voice says something

the blue wind

had now disappeared

the dancing man too

was not there

the moment

had gone

and it had left me

this song.