The Sky

is a big blue jar of water

I drink from all day

the birds do too

before returning to circle the buildings

how beautiful they look


going round

and I stay

at my window

and watch

I find

the shops

the thin strip of road

the timber sticks stacked

the trees

the locality


just waking

in the glowing golden light

giving it wings

making it merge with the sky

in the morning.


The above poem is from my second book Circling the Sky (2013).


Then We Went

riding through the tea estates

Ludger and I

and it was beautiful

in Kumily

I’ll slowly settle down here

in this quiet and peaceful town

and regain my health

and enjoy life

and learn to ride a scooter

and now Ludger takes the rocky stone path

to the river

and we ride over a rough road

for long

and finally reach the green river

then we go uphill

along beautiful scenery

all green and fresh

a bike is a must here

you can’t do without that

and then we come to Chenkara

to a gorgeous place of vast tea estates

and green mountains

and then we go downhill to Kumily again

your ass aches after a while on a bike

and then your back

the hills unfolded before us beautifully

I don’t think I can ride a bike like Ludger

maybe 10-15 minutes

at a time

when I learn to ride

that’s max I think I’ll be able to manage

we stopped at many places

at one point

in some green grove

down a valley

a huge trunk of a tree

lay across a pool

it was at quite some height

Ludger walked over it

asked me to take his picture

he said the tree was shaky

which it was

then pretended to fall

then danced over it

and walked back again

I admired his guts

he has desire in his heart

and says hello to everyone passing

I bought him a cup of masala chai

I told him next year when you come

we will ride together

and he said yes and we laughed

he’s semi-bald, funny, 57,

he walks fast

a few paces ahead of you.

Time To Go

tossing through

the yellow room the ship of shadows

in all this talk of trains…


to see pink buildings sail the sky

you can’t miss them

buzzing through in a taxi’s


butterfly flight

where blue red green

and other colours you’ve seen


bring you back home

in an orange steamer’s dream

blowing in the afternoon.



The above poem is from my second book Circling the Sky (2013).

A New Life Begins For Me Here In Kumily

I’m almost through with the house deal

I am sharing my life with you

because I badly need my  life

how else will I live

the more I stay here

the more I feel better

yesterday I even saw a big squirrel

along with all the monkeys

down this road

in the trees

is where the forest begins

I had gone there

it was a vast green pasture

before the hills could begin

two brown cows were tied there

and before that

at the end of the road some people chatted

there is nothing so beautiful as those tranquil trees

in the distance it is so pastoral it makes a mark

in your heart

I stood there looking at the cows the sky the deep forests

and when I went back one of the men smiled and said hello

and so did I happy under the mildly warm afternoon sun

Ludger met someone at Chrissie’s called Anna they came to the homestay yesterday

Omana said if it works good for him and turned towards me and laughed

I laughed too

and later the negotiations for the house began

and Claus called out to me at night outside my room

he came in sat down and gave me the good news

the deal had gone through and we were very happy

I told Claus and Omana that I liked the small black birds very much

they were so sweet and shiny black and beautiful and they flew in flocks

against the deep blue sky so vast in the prettiest formation

I’ve seen I said to Claus and he said yes

and later I asked Ludger if he had seen them and he said yes too

and I told him how they turned against the mountain

how beautiful they looked then and he said he had seen that too

and seeing his camera  I asked him if he liked photography and he said yes

and he showed me pictures on them

there were other birds

I photograph everything

he said even insects

and he showed me a photograph

of two insects with their heads locked together

and both of us laughed

in the evening I told Omana while sitting on the terrace

that Kumily is my town too and she laughed happily.


in the afternoon

there was such a noise

in my head

it took me a while

to realise

a train was passing through it

and this is what it said:


Dominic dice the moon finely

into a bowl

squeeze the sun onto it

crush a handful of stars

pour everything

into a glass

and drink Dominic


till you begin to dance.


The above poem is from my second book Circling the Sky (2013).