much fun there

was in the boating.


How the green lake

kept getting deeper

and deeper till you

saw the dark water

merging in your mind.


So much fun we had that day.


A boat got stuck and they

pulled it out.


The sunlight was

streaming trees

all around.


The blue sky running

with our voices




The above poem is from my first book Reeling (2012).

So Beautiful

your face

white and blue

O sky

I kiss you

in the morning

when I wake

the palm trees sing

of other worlds

the laburnum burns

yellow and gold

and the green river of the leaves flow

the city wakes up slow

the small brown houses sleeping

in grey mist

the white buildings sparkling

like precious stone

and the birds now

their chirping

tells me the dead world

is now alive

we are not perfect

we must admit

they sing

this is sheer magic

the way they arc

silently through the light

you are a symphony being played

you think

you dance like a drum

a red bucket

rolling into place

you splash about and see

the world is water

and the entire neighbourhood

now wakes

to the wonder

as the sky

gathers everyone

in its arms

for a kiss.

I Feel Stuffed

inside all this grey

and can’t get out

all the way from the sky

to this bed where I’m sitting

small unthinking

staring at the buildings



and you know how it is

when nothing matters

so there the sky stays

in all its greys

and here I am

still trying to

figure out

the whole thing

writing all this down

in my house

while outside

two vehicle horns

go off musically at

short intervals

and then I begin

to feel a little better

and shortly after that

there is this crow

in the distance

its hazy caw caw

caw caw caw

five times before fading

makes me happy

and while silence

now returns

and the world

comes back to itself

once again

the train horn blows

and writing about this

is really making me

feel good

and as I now look

at the sky

I notice it has

completely changed colour

it is this beautiful blue

in so many shades

spread out till my view

would allow

and through this

there is now

light shining.


The above poem is from my third book The Branches (2015).