Be Calm

like the waves

that is the essence of life

that is what we are

then we become air

we become bird building bus

bee book and bartender

be at peace

as the boys bay

bury your bollocks

and bring boss

be big balloon

baboon boa and bear

be bright with the bully

brave with the bastard

benevolent with the boor

brim and bubble

berate and bray

but bop like a beetle

bing like a banshee

and bong like a bell.

The Firewall

is on fire

hearing-aid tractors

blow to nothing

in the stillness

which is still nothing in your mind

hello you say to your shadow

forgotten lost in dust

where the gas cylinder used to be

the redness with its view

charging at you

in the afternoon

this sullen day steamy sunk

so seemlessly in your blues your blacks

walking through

the old ghost

of the world

its scaffoldings its distances

and the sky so sorry

so tired

only wants to sleep

in your eyes.


The above poem is from my second book Circling the Sky (2013).

Now The Falling Day

how it dives

like a dove

how it is sacrificed

at the mad altar of the scorching sun

how hot the poor people burning

is this life

I ask myself

and I burst into a billion fragments

this is what life does to you

I hear the stars sing

and the oceans echo the endless waves

lashing the earth our poor mother

onto which we now fall like dust.