Now Once Again

my heart has found

some hope

some happiness

outside the world

is strolling

with the sunlight

the trees sway

the buildings smile

and the train

slowly rocks

on the tracks

blowing its horn

I breathe freely

I smell the world

I cuddle it

I make love

to it

and it loves

me right back

the sun shines

the windows dazzle

I dance in joy

I am like a toy

I spin

I win

I stop

I hop

I act like a top

I rise high

into the blue sky

and freely fly

singing a lullaby

bye bye baby world

you are so sweet

tomorrow again we will meet

right by this same street

and as I climb higher

my heart catches fire

and my body bursts in desire

O bye bye baby world

you are so sweet

tomorrow again we will meet.


Right Now

I would like to be

in that huge airy market.

I want to be there

under its high roof;

the fisherwomen cackling

with their customers

and big fish hung from iron hooks.

I want to hear the sound

of knife chops on

worn wood,

the floor wet and slippery,

and rivulets of blood flowing down the drains.

I want to see black plastic bags

exchanged for cash.

I want to be there,

I want to be back there right now

in Wadala market

and watch the cat walk towards me

with a fish-head in its jaws.