The Mountains Are So Calm

and one with the TV towers on it

shines emerald green

the trees really mesmerise you

with their beauty

their colours are wondrous

all shades of green brown yellow

and they stand out

like dancers against the mountains

and the sky

such is their beauty

their poses their leaves

and there are some

with red and orange flowers

they are gorgeous

sheer delight

and near me

the jackfruit trees

have some of their leaves

translucent green

like an oil painting

by an artist

and then there is

one big green tree close to me

a monkey is climbing it

a small brown one

how nimbly

it climbs up the delicate branches

then reaches almost till the top

and climbs up a tender branch

and sits there

facing the sky


totally still

I know what it is thinking

the same as me

sitting here on my armchair

on the terrace

we are both lost

in the tranquillity

of this place

of big clouds now

of the purest white

slowly sailing

up the blue sky

we know we are sailing too

in this big boat of beauty

painted by a magic brush.

My Mind Is Wandering

like the wind

we would go mad

if we could not fantasize

how much of life can we take

how much can we have

so we need excursions of the mind

for it to be happy

to fool around

to play around

a little

or else we will be

toy soldiers

never to come alive

you see this reader

we are not perfect

that is what the bird

keeps chirping so loudly

outside my window

we are mere dust

we’ve got to live

you see

it chirps

and slowly the sun

begins to shine

after rain

and people talk

and my silver camel

stands with its head raised

and Goofy is riding his engine

and this porcelain white skull

looks out at the world

with holes instead of eyes.

Here I Am

with the mountains

around me

and a brown bulbul

with a grey head

sings nearby

it is good

it is Wednesday

I am getting better

and the trees

and this town

are growing on me

some trees here

I must tell you

are so beautiful

they don’t look earthly

they silence you

with their great beauty

and you are left

with your heart

in your hands

so happy

to possess this moment

and the birds

are chirping wildly

they too are happy

and other birds join them

they make a kind of

small quartet

of voices

all of them singing


yet so perceptibly

so palpably together

it squeezes my heart

in my hands

and I dissolve in the sky

of blue sands.

The Sky Is Enamel

of a most beautiful blue

and white

how nature has painted it

elegant and sublime

the clouds are there to calm you

they move slowly at the edges

below all this

are the mountains

they stand tall and majestic

shining green

and below them

are the forests of trees

green, brown, red, almost yellow

they tell me come

come and rest under our branches

you are kin we are brothers

we will soothe your body and mind

with our leaves they will always

protect you

and the birds chirp and fly

at full speed

we carry the sky

they are saying

we are your brothers and sisters too

we hold up the sky on our wings and fly

we will carry you too

come give it a try.