It Was A Mellow Scene

when afternoon light faded

and evening set in

over the green grass of the gardens

the white and yellow buildings

I would look up

at a second-storey window

bathed in light and shadow

at the blue or cream paint inside

with a picture probably hanging on a wall

the afternoon lovers leaving

the pink stone benches for others

who would soon arrive

a lone car in the distance

in the last rays of the sun

turning a corner

I would find the empty footpaths

blissfully asleep in the shade of the trees

and peace moved my heart

when the first hawker

arrived pushing his cart.


The above poem is from my second book Circling the Sky (2013).

You Will Have To Look

far and wide

and deep within


until the glazed bottom

turns into a green ocean

you will churn

and burn

and learn

everything you

need to know

and think

that is enough

you are wrong

to think of yourself

as King Kong

when you are being played

like a game of ping pong

ding dong

it rings a bell

and you say well

I’ve been here before

life show me

show me more

that’s the spirit I say

and if you think like this

get on your way

it’s a long time

a long time

before the day.

The Children Have Gone For A Ride

in the horse-carriage along the sea

we stand in a circle

passing a bottle of toddy

when we play football

I realise I’m so heavy I can barely run

I have zero coordination

with the ball

I fall and fall

shouting things

the wind brings back

with the sky that comes so close swaying

like a child eager to join our game.


The above poem is from my second book Circling the Sky (2013).


is an elusive ghost

it is a lost child

a grey morning

slowly beginning

to glow

and when it’s

finally light

the birds in the sky

whistle so sweetly

that is poetry’s flower

and the buildings and streets

although they don’t speak

how brightly they shine

that is poetry’s power

and then the air

now dancing so cool

and so tenderly caressing you

that is poetry’s lover.

Years Ago

it had settled in my head

like a scene from a picture-book

the boat-ride to the other side of the shore

a former class-teacher and her family

the derelict church and its graveyard of skeletons strewn

the long walk along the island of red earth with swaying palm trees

the sea rising like some furious living creature

frightening the child who fell into it

and rose with no support from the sky abandoned floating like a kite

farther and farther away

the man with his long bamboo pole picking a singing slipper

nothing was amiss after that nothing at all

all the pretty cottages in rows quiet in paradise peace

welcoming the stars so loud in their laughter

I cannot contain this joy rising inside me

breaking into lines of light dancing so rhythmically I remember.


The above poem is from my second book Circling the Sky (2013).