the sound of the surf

that is how the cymbals feel

cool and exciting

when Miles Davis

plays his trumpet

he takes you into

uncharted territory

you can barely see

the horse

you are riding

in the darkness

there are houses

with lights in them

where there must

be people

going about

their lives

then everything is clear

the horn blasts

are like golden comets

burning in light

there is that sound

like a wave

and now you see

yourself rider

glowing like the sun

the gates of freedom

are open

and you have grown wings

to fly.

A Big Cloudscape

covering half the blue sky

slowly sails over green mountains

in sunlight

the trees on the ridges

are in a trance

they lean in deep delight

the birds fly

and the breeze blows

and the silence is so pure

it soothes the mind

it removes its rust

and builds trust

you are free

to simply be

in my father’s hometown

I saw the leaves

of a coconut tree

against a white door

and again my mind

was silenced

by its beauty

it went quiet

and watched

and the mountains

and valleys

along the way

were also silent

lost to themselves

they stood gazing

and from my father’s house

I saw the moon

nearly half

in the dark sky

its whitish silver glowing

I was next to a chikoo tree

on a chair

and yesterday

so many black monkeys

arrived in Claus Garden

from the terrace

we could see them

at one point

two monkeys were sitting

on top of two trees

in a straight row

they were very calm

looking ahead


and we looked at them

and today a yellow and black bird

dove into the trees here

and the green leaves sang

and the sun lit

the top of the mountains

and you could see

it was smiling.

Green-Blue Parrots

fly like helicopters

so beautifully

yesterday I saw a hornbill

from Claus’ terrace

ki ki ki ki ki ki ki

it was saying

Hans said

it was like laughter

later we travelled

in the autorickshaw

to get food

and celebrated New Year

around the bonfire

Claus Omana Nisha Hans Kika and I

I lay down on a bench

close to the earth

and looked up

I think it was after long

maybe since I was a boy

that I was getting

a ground up view

it was beautiful

the trees swayed

in the breeze

their branches

in a trance

and there were

so many stars

in the sky

I felt free

when it was midnight

we went to the terrace again

to light fireworks

it was fun

there was a big group

of young men in the resort

opposite us

they were dancing wildly

to loud music

and we watched

the fireworks go all around us

green pink red blue golden

lighting up the night sky

and we hugged each other

and said Happy New Year.

A White Bird

flies in the green forest

it is beautiful

the mountains watch

I am talking too much

to myself

my mind is seeing

too many images

like a damaged machine

my neighbours talk

two women

it is nice

and the birds chirp

and the growing sunlight

is sweet

I need to be happy

I tell myself

my tanks are full of water

and still

so must my mind become

calm and at rest

so I begin undoing my mind

its rusted nuts and bolts

I unscrew

and in my hands

fall a trapped bird

which I set free.

Keep Life At A Distance

let your evenings be filled with music

let life wait by the roadside

let it not invade you

destroy your body and mind

let life loose

let it go wandering in the world

like a beggar

let it learn

what a bitch it is

mauling you

biting you all the time

taxing you

like an extortionist

be an illusionist

my friend

change that bitch of a life

into a bubble

let it rise and go its own way

and if you meet its ghost

in the street

just walk on and you’ll find that

so sweet.