There Are Some Open Spaces

where you can be

preferably on a rock under a tree.


The vehicles in the distance you will barely hear

the old buildings across are dead and dear.


And as the rhymes you read open your mind

you look up at the sky calm and quiet.


There you see the endless white flowing

also perhaps one or two birds flying.


Now the day darkens and you feel

one with the trees one with the breeze

and you begin to walk home

one with the streets.


Shops and shoppers,

vegetables and vendors

gladden your eye.


Streetlight and headlight

brighten the night.



The above poem is from my second book Circling the Sky (2013).

See If I Fall

deep down into a ravine

I have no fear

I have been falling into ravines

for years

now I like the excitement

the speed at which the earth flies

it is all rock and air

and from inside the earth

the chanting the singing

deep inside some cave I think it is

I don’t know

I’m not sure

but there is such music

your mind will merge

with everything there is

in the universe

and the bells will ring

with such beauty and clarity

you will become air

I tell you this is such an experience

your heart has never known

such quietness such calm

there will be no night no day

there will be no colour

perhaps just blue at the beginning

and then nothing

and now the sea approaches

you know this by now reader

it is so familiar

from so many years ago

open your arms

and greet your old friend

O joy my heart will

take my life

from my tongue

and we will meet

and greet

each other

once again

with a splash.