The Trees Dance

in the breeze

so beautiful they are

a 100 times more than humans


they sway

and the forest sways

the sun is smiling

and the breeze blows

and blows

and the trees dance their heart out

and now you can hear them sing

you know

they have voices

and birds chirp along with them

and the cock crows

and you look at the trees

and their green beauty

and you see the magic

that moves them

and the forest becomes an ocean

above you

a green emerald sea of delight

and you have grown wings

for your flight

you’ve packed yourself tight

you feel full of might

at this wonderful sight

and then the breeze carries you

into the light.

So Much Disturbance

in the mind

I must paint

it white

the exhaustion

of its capacities

and its death

black dark

the endless universe then

but the birds chirp

and the sun shines

and the rooster struts

on my boundary wall

and as I watch it walk

the silence is pure

so pure it raises

me from the dead

and releases me into the air

I now breathe

free and beautiful

like Debussy’s music

where the seawater gently rocks

in palm-sized moonlit transparence

so clear so cool dancing

and then you see

that it is alive

just like you and me

cascading gently across

the ocean’s quiet

making watery ripples

that cup the heart

in its hands

linking hands with yours

taking you down this

skating shimmering silver life

your beating heart entranced

held still in the beauty

of its strangeness

where you live

where you die.

There Is Now A Better World

that has made me happier

and the sunlight is honey

and I look ahead to tonight

where I think the darkness

like a mother will sing me to sleep

and that will be so nice

now the trees stand green and beautiful

and a bird chirps and there is silence

and the mountains look so calm

and the people are happy to be

out of that strict coronavirus lockdown

in the more relaxed fourth phase that began today

and I too was happy after speaking to Dr Soman

when he told me to continue medication for a week

and now that I have the medicines

and am at home and writing this

and my neighbour laughs happily

while another one chats with someone

and again there is that silence which is so relaxing

which is the best thing about being in Kumily

apart from the weather which is very good too

and the landscape of course that is so beautiful

there is that purity that is born of this quietness

where your mind is washed by the hands of time

and set free like a bird into the blue sky where you fly

amidst these big white clouds and you see yourself from there

you see yourself here down below in your house in your bedroom

in your chair sitting at your computer and writing this and you are like

a bird Dominic I tell myself and your words are birds that fly into your readers’ minds

and make them turn into birds and fly in turn and by that create a culture of air and freedom

in which everyone can fly and meet in the sky and there is never ever any reason to cry.

The Crumpled World

its broken buildings

lie scattered all around

the shattered sky

is on the ground

in pieces of blue and white

you walk still breathing

your eyes misplaced

your tongue lost

your body a mere ghost

that doesn’t even

recognise you

your broken bones

your skull you now

hold in your hands

is your begging bowl

with no one

to give you any alms

and soon the moon

melts under your feet

and you are now

falling into the darkness

where stars burst

into silver fire

burning you

to ash


And So The World

lolls about

in the sun

like a cat

one I saw

early this morning

in a tree

behind my house

grey black

and cream stripes

it was scared

it had gone high up

in the branches

and was looking down

in fear

and then it stretched

its front paws

and slid down a branch

and then another

it was great fun to watch

it coming down

that way

and then

it gently hopped

onto the trunk

of the tree

and ran free

which is why

now I see

the world

as a golden cat

cute and cool

in the sun

lighting up

our lives

making us

so happy

we stretch and purr.

The Day Has Come

and is

standing outside

the world is too harsh

to let in

it is an unpredictable stranger

anything can happen

so I will watch it

from inside

and soon I find

it is all over me

and inside me

how foolish

I realise it was

to keep the day

waiting outside

the wretched and wily world

crawled into my house

and stung me

with its poison

so now I lie here dead

my body like lead

and all thought


from my head.

A Bird Whistles

so sweetly

behind me

in the trees

and all around

there are trees

and it is so green

and it is so beautiful

and the sunlight

comes and goes

over the gorgeous hills

and this dance of light

and shade is also so beautiful

each tree looks so distinct

its size its shape its leaves

its colour its pose

so exciting

like dancers taking a break

relaxed full of fresh air

they stand quietly

sharing this precious moment

with you

and you know

how bad coronavirus has become

how many people have died

you try to take an account of the sorrow

and the danger that lurks

the serpent in your path

and you are scared

you are no fool

you know what is what

and soon the cicadas

begin their wavelike music

only this time you think

they sound like 150 snakes

hissing together

so close to you

you life’s swimmer


seeing yourself

fall through

these valleys

of spice and love

into the arms

of death.