Keep Life At A Distance

let your evenings be filled with music

let life wait by the roadside

let it not invade you

destroy your body and mind

let life loose

let it go wandering in the world

like a beggar

let it learn

what a bitch it is

mauling you

biting you all the time

taxing you

like an extortionist

be an illusionist

my friend

change that bitch of a life

into a bubble

let it rise and go its own way

and if you meet its ghost

in the street

just walk on and you’ll find that

so sweet.

This Fall Into The Gutter

This endless swaying of the green treetops

The beginning of the world

The tie and the bridge and the tongue burning

The hare and tortoise race


Howling men and screeching spitting women

Children hanging from trees upside down grunting like stray dogs

I swallow the oceans with all its creatures and life

I switch on all the streetlights and then I switch them off

I hound all the bars all the shops selling skulls and bones and flesh

I eat 200 cats and 400 rats and 600 bats

I eat every strand of my hair running wild

Through the shops closing shutter

And now you can imagine my fall into the gutter.

The Elephant Men

outside the bar

do not see the buildings

falling from the dark sky

in a row they stand whispering

while we walk

everywhere the darkness appears

and stands still

till it is drunk by our eyes

and the rickshaws speeding

slowing in pools of their own light

drive through these empty streets

back into the sky

where the night today

has no stars no moon

no light to show.


The above poem is from my second book Circling the Sky (2013).