This Cold Day

has frozen my thoughts

while I look at this boy

from the neighbourhood

run up and down the street

happily singing in Tamil

and that makes me smile

freeing my locked mind

soon the rain begins to fall

and it strangely sounds like words

while from my head emerges birds

winging and singing in glee

and the rain tells me

see how I set you free

and I sing thank you

for liberating me

and then the birds

and the words

merge into one

and suddenly I realise

it’s so much fun

when the rain stops

and out comes the sun

and still the words flow

as the breezes blow

and still the music plays

in the sun’s rays.

Mist Rises Thickly From Many Places

in the mountains

the forest is various shades

of green

small patches

of lightish brown

and almost yellow

near me there is one

beautiful light green

flowering tree

its colour translucent

its flowers

wonder and contemplation

and there in the far distance

in that thicket of trees

there is one lone tree

flowering red

so happy it seems

its redness shouting

out its joy

nature’s toy

delighting me

making me feel like a boy

now the TV towers are there too

on another mountain

and in the slowly growing sunlight

the grass dazzles

emerald green

nature’s queen

how you preen

so glad this morning

it’s you

I’ve seen

next mountain

there are two pretty power stations

they stand there saying all nations

are one nation

you see last night I slept well

and so I’m ringing like a bell.


in the darkness at night there’s a movie in the sky

it’s always too good it’ll make you cry

as your life in trains and rooms go by.


Sometimes you’re in a train in the afternoon passing by

and the sea is so beautiful it’ll make you cry

and at night the stars come out to dance

and the moon climbs high.


Sometimes you’re at home all high and dry

and you’re doing some work by and by

and you see the birds fly slowly in the sky

and you look and look and quietly sigh.


Sometimes you’re at home sleeping at five

and you go sliding down your bed into the sea

and you wake up with the sound of your own cry.


Sometimes you’re on the street walking when you almost fly

and sometimes you’re bewildered that everything is a lie

hold your breath for a while that it might pass by.


Sometimes it’s best not to pry

and let things quietly lie

Sometimes it’s too much my oh my!



The above poem is from my third book The Branches (2015).

Last Evening

I had dinner early

and hit the bed

I couldn’t sleep

I was feeling too bored

so I got up and

went to Juhu Beach

it was wonderful

the sun was still burning yellow

in the sky

the waves were silver

the sand was golden

and it wasn’t crowded

I walked along

and spotting

some stairs

leading to a building

went and sat

down there

it was beautiful

soon I was joined

by two northeastern children

a tiny sister and brother pair

the sister older

threatened to beat me first

then quickly became my friend

and chanting nonsense rhyme

jumped down the stairs

one by one

I leaned my back

against the wall

the poet in me delighted

the loneliness in me unlocked

and looked at the sea

my heart beginning to warm

and then I found myself laughing

when I was shortly joined by

a shaggy brown stray dog

who came looking

rather purposefully

for something

all in a pant

and finding me instead

quickly slithered away.


The above poem is from my third book The Branches (2015).