in my mind

hangs like a silent cry

in my heart

in my stomach

the universe is dark

there are no stars in my eyes

no moon in my sky

only emptiness

only absence

and here I sit hunched

over my computer

thinking of the sky’s whiteness

in which black birds fly

and it turns to blue in my mind

and I see sunsets and palm trees

and slowly drift into sleep

and then I suddenly dream

I am a river

a green river

under those trees

and when the moon sings

at night

I dance and sway

rippling in cool waves of thrill

and in the afternoon

under the sun

I shimmer like an emerald

playful warm

flowing calm.


The above poem is from my third book The Branches (2015).


Trying To Take

the greyness

out of the water

till it is colourless

at the end of land

where it merges with the sky that is grey


trying to take the greyness out of the sky

I travel in

a city of grey


like a photograph

that is probably not there.


The above poem is from my first book Reeling (2012).

Cloud And Sky

and below that blue

and then the pale yellow sunlight

then red like fire

like a furnace

and finally the world

this is my morning

how the day is so silent

like someone sleeping

and I look and wait

for it to wake

some giant creature

of air

is it desire

that burns and cools

is it all in my mind

I wonder

and then

I think of death

closest of companions

and then the world slowly wakes

the windows open

and I smile.

A Beautiful Blue Wind

blows from the skies

towards me

here in bed

looking out my window

it is a big cloud of wind

deep coloured

it has music

it has soul

it turns into

a man

and dances

before me

and then I have

a dream

where the blue wind weeps

after its voyage

its long lone perilous journey

through brown hills

and just disappears

and it is so sad

there is

so much crying

the oceans roar

in the darkness at night

the city the buildings

sleep under the streetlights

dreaming up

visions of happiness

of bliss

I am transfixed

is this so

I ask

and there is silence

then slowly

I hear birds chirp

a crow caws

someone drops a vessel

in a flat nearby

I hear two trains

go by silently

and then a man’s

voice says something

the blue wind

had now disappeared

the dancing man too

was not there

the moment

had gone

and it had left me

this song.