The Mad World

is shaking with rage

and dogs howl till

the birds begin to weep

how can I sleep

here is my damaged brain

you may keep

and today the sun

is rolling at high speed

across the skies

and I follow

it with my eyes

till they get stuck

and begin to water

while the sun bursts

out of the sky into fire

and it feels like being lashed

with scalding wire

and now that I can barely see

I think I have been crushed

by a falling tree

and then I feel the ground breaking

and my broken burning body quaking

then the roaring horror

of my eardrums bursting

when the earth opens up

with a shuddering  yawn

and I am sucked into it

till I’m finally gone.


I find today

is burning

the hours so fast

making my mind

hot and heavy with fire

and when I look at

the gloomy monsoon

outside my window

it occurs to me

that the world is dead

that something happened

which I cannot understand

the birds are chirping

but no human is talking

what wickedness

is this universe up to

what has it done

to my mind

what has it done

to us humans

I ask and I am

shocked at the silence

of the sky and the trees

I wait and wait for an answer

and then I find there is none coming

and again as I look at the time

I find once again hours have passed by

and then when I look up at the sky

I notice it has been burnt black

and is torn and flapping

in the crying wind

and finally in despair

when I lower my gaze

I crumple into ash.

Too Disturbed

I am now for anything

my body anchored

to the horror of my mind

and my mind hanging on

its hinges

all I see is the plunging

darkness growing deeper

and deeper

my hands flailing in the wind

my legs lost beyond sensation

and all I can hear is this howling

and I wonder who it is

whose voice comes echoing

up and down in and out

and I can’t tell really

whether it is me

or the dark

and now I distinctly

feel my body breaking off

from my mind and then

I see the moon so tiny dissolving

in the black sky like a tablet in water

and though I am falling without my body

there is some other weight

I can’t figure out and then I see

the pitch black sky looking lifeless

and now I am plunging at greater speed

and the air around me is screeching

like twenty thousand demons

and when I finally hit the ground

the still sky strangely

bursts open in tears

pouring all over me

and bathed in this sorrow I die.

The Worms Are Howling

and I can hear them

my neighbour’s TV

is the biggest schizophrenic

on the planet

the birds are so sad

they are crying

and when they go silent

you can hear the sky

its voice is trembling

and it gets on your nerves

and you are horrified

at what your body has become

you wonder if it is you

where on earth have you gone

you ask yourself

you wonder what is happening

to you

then you look at your face

in the mirror

and you are frightened

at what you see

you are not yourself

and when the dog barks

the light in the sky

becomes the house of wickedness

all hell breaks loose

fire I consume

my insides burning

I have no choice

water has changed its element

it is no more what it was

goodbye I then say to all the houses

I have lived in

my voice strained

and I turn and shout

who wants my broken body

my shattered mind

and my tongue turns to ash

in my mouth

and then I see

the light in my head

go out without a sound.

And Once Again The World

seems possessed by demons

the phone rings

and you realise it’s in a movie

and not your house

how eerie the music

how brittle how old

how bad the earth

now the sky is so frightened

see how pale it has become

it has never been like this

and so many years ago in Bombay

we boys walked

down the road smoking

past the tailor’s shop

and the sun was so happy

so fresh

why is the world the way it is

why is it so deceptive

how did it become like this

what did we do

O now see the poor trees

have no names

and the children play no games

everything has been forgotten

our world is burning like paper

we will soon be vapour

our bodies our bones

our skulls our blood

will flow away

we will die

we too will be forgotten

our moon has no more

light no milk

and the sun burnt

itself and

its charred remains fly

so dear friend

say goodbye

to this dangerous sky

there are no more tears

left to cry


they told us about

life was a lie.

And All Over

you are bound

once again

by pain

the world

is not even an apparition

not even a thing

it doesn’t even exist

although there’s a picture there

you can see

you know

by the screeching

of the birds

in the sky

that it’s all bullshit

and everything

including order

is just crazy

now see how

the world stands

how you have

made it a prisoner

how it has made

a prisoner of you

and the disaster

of it all shakes

you till your bones rattle

you can no longer reach anything

you cannot touch

you cannot feel

your heart diseased

and dried up

just fell off

and who are you

who are you writing

who are you reading

are you human anymore

are you listening

can you hear me

can you understand

what I am saying

I no more have eyes

I don’t even breathe.

And Once Again

the world decided to destroy things

things as in people

it was too much

the death of so many innocents

the human brain is made of flesh

the skull of bone

and when you think about it

the skull cracks

the brain breaks

and that’s it you’re dead

why this evil upon us

why this devil unleashed

to kill us all

and you are puzzled


why this wickedness in the genetic code

where this vast machine of war

is set loose

to do everyone in

and mere mortals

programmed like robots

to unleash such hatred

that burns like fire

is nothing but a colossal tragedy

we have to deal with

the end of us

and you wonder couldn’t this whole thing

be reversed

couldn’t we do something

couldn’t we douse the fire

couldn’t we calm the growing hatred

couldn’t we the children of happiness too

turn the anger into joy

couldn’t we calm each other

brothers sisters

couldn’t we stop the killing

couldn’t we all scream

it is enough

let the children live

they are mere flowers

you think all this and you keep watching

the gathering dark clouds

and your heart begins to beat

and your life your strength slowly saps

you look at your hands

and you know death

will make them meaningless

and then you look at the sky

red spectre of war now

claws of dripping blood

and you raise your arms to resist.

Again The Roads

came to attack me

I wondered what

I did to them

as I broke

into pieces of sweat

my body was

no more solid

and I felt immediately

what it meant to be


in a gas attack

a brawl a war

it was like that

that is how I felt

when my body


I was shattered

into shards

of some kind

though strangely

still alive

although there was

no coherence

to myself

I was so scattered

I was blood

I was flesh

I was bone

I was vomit

I was the broken beggar

I was the miserable prostitute

I was so many unfortunate people wailing

weighing on me

there was so much howling

from the tunnels of the cities

and the slums in the villages

the sick the maimed the mad

I was all that I was able to understand

this it was clear to me

I was everyone’s crying heart

everyone’s hurting mind

and then just like that

the lights went out of me

and I died.

And The World Once Again

has collided with me

as I walk on the road

and has left me in

broken pieces of sunlight

my mind is in crumbs only

why has this happened

how did this ordinary day

turn so violent so weird

and I hear only voices

some pleading

some of complaint

and my defences

have been breached

and I have been

decimated by a force

I don’t really understand

my body blown to parts

my mind smashed to salad

my tongue though

will not be silenced

my bleeding eyes

can still see

you see this hasn’t killed me

and now it is the birds

that put me together

their sweet voices

mesmerise me

as I slowly become

whole again

and find myself

sitting here in my chair

writing this

my body once again my own

and my mind

once again my messenger

and I find the

whole thing so strange

from utter destruction

to this calm and I see

my mind working so well

with such power and sharpness

I am overjoyed to hear

my neighbour say thank you to someone

because I feel the same way too

now that I’m finally no more blue

and I wish the same for you.

The Silver Moon

is gorged with red blood today

see how it drips from her

she has gone mad

she has been eating

her children non-stop

her hunger is insatiable

and when you look up into

her eyes you can see the

madness there

lost in her own fury

her craving she screams

and shivers with emotion

mother mother I say

have mercy on us your children

and all she does is shake her head

howling no and we are scattered

all over the world like prey

and how she hunts us

grabbing us in her

claws squeezing us as life slowly

begins to leave us and then her mouth

the horror her big sharp teeth

biting into us until we burst dead.