So Now The Day Is Well

and the sun

is in the sky

shining brightly


and the blue of the sky

is so beautiful

light and deep

at places

I have not seen

any painting

this gorgeous

and I think that the sky

is happy

with itself

and with the world

and today

I can hear it speak

its blue language

its magical music

of the mother suckling

her children

at her breast

and the milk that we drink

is the cool white milk

of the clouds

pure and refreshing

and then I see the darkness

between the trees

of various shapes

and I see they are

living beings like us

big black transcendent

creatures of the earth

breathing and I can see

the smiles on their faces

they too are happy

because their

mothers are trees

green and soft and beautiful

and they too are suckling at their

mother’s breasts

and are happy children

of the world

and the earth

is the mother of everything

we know on this planet

and on her we all sleep

at night when she

suckles at the milk

of the universe

which is her mother

and we know how happy

she is then and how freely she floats

without any support

and how we feel our own hearts

grow free

and every dusk our wings unfurl

and we fly like birds to our sky mummy

who gathers us in her arms in joy

kisses us

and puts us to sleep

another night

on this earth.

The Sun Shines

so brightly on the mountains

and the birds are chirping

so happily

the nights are beautiful

black and deep

and the trees talk so softly

among themselves

you can’t hear them

and everything in the blue sky smiles

the big white clouds slowly moving

like magic

and the mountains are so green

so beautifully shaped and big

you can’t hear them either

though they talk

through their mass

to each other

and they are all signs of peace

they send their greetings

and then there is the mist

that moves across them

they too are saying something

which we can’t hear

but we know because their words

get imprinted in our minds somehow

and you can read them silently

as they make sounds of quietness

soothing in your head like still water

life is transient they say

take care

have a good time

be at peace

and always look at us

from life to death

from death to life

see how we flow with such ease

because we know that everything

is on lease

so good luck

with yourself

they say

and they keep moving

in that slow pace

across the mountain face.

The World Has All Sorts Of Problems

with which it tortures me

it tests my intelligence

my feeling

like a teacher

and it punishes me too

for nothing

and it tells me to be strong

though I have done no wrong

and that is a big challenge

because unless you get stronger

and stronger

it is difficult to survive

it is difficult to be happy

O miserable world

your sun has turned blood red

with our human blood

O moon you have chased me

all across my years

like a wild animal

I’m running from

and I ask

why not leave me alone world

why not let me live in peace

what have I done to you

and all I hear is the silence of a sadist

holding his breath to strike.

Darkness And Light

alternate in the day today

and mist moves

all over the green mountains

sometimes rain sometimes sun

fill our lives as I go about filling water

in my tank and my neighbour’s chickens

cluck about picking food from my property

but now finally I am at liberty

to write and fight the demons in my mind

and when the birds chirp I think they are so kind

because it makes my heart freely fly across the sky

and that reminds me of the other evening

when I saw the moon partly hidden in the clouds and

I couldn’t tell if it was full or half and that puzzlement

made me laugh and then a few days before that

when I went to Kattappana I saw everywhere

jackfruit hanging in bunches and everything was green

but my mind was troubled and I felt the world was mean

and now once again it has begun to rain and soon everything

has darkened and brought with it a kind of pain

like when I walk tired along an empty street

and life in my mouth tastes bittersweet.

Now Suddenly

after so many days

the sun shines golden

the mountains and the trees

are so green

you are delighted

and then slowly

the world crawls

into you like a worm

and you feel your body

become ill alienated

from yourself

some sort of appendage

rather than part of you

and that is when you realise

you have long been dead

as a man and you are more

of an alligator

and your heart is hungry

and your teeth are sharp

and your mind is sudden blow

after blow

that is what life has become

it was not like this earlier

I would notice things

when I travelled

and I promised myself

that I would remember

them for life

but that was not to be

only some things I remember

some places

and I try to think of the whole thing

and I ask myself

what am I

and then all those roads come

flooding back into view

I suddenly am

looking at each streetlight

at each tree

at each car passing by

and I remember a boy

so happy

waving at me

and I wonder at

the meaning of it all

how puzzling

the whole damn thing is

and I can’t help

asking myself again

what is life


animal or air

and as I think

the moon shines in the sky

and I am lost in its light.

Even Though Death

will take me

even though my body is ailing

I am happy

to hear the birds chirp

I am happy to hear silence

I am happy to hear my neighbour’s voice

and the feeling that I am alive on this round earth

going round the sun and the moon always my lover

in my arms all the time

is very comforting

and helps me sail the vast oceans of my life

its torrid storms its whirlpools

round which I pass

who knows what the future will bring

will I live will I die

I ask as I grow wings and fly

with the clouds slowly going past

and myself just a speck in the blue sky

looking down on the round world of continents

of cities and forests and seas and highways

enchanted by its beauty beyond transcendence

and then I find it doesn’t matter that I’m mortal

it doesn’t matter that I lose my life

and never come back to this earth ever again

everyone has to die

and now the cock crows continuously

and once again I hear the birds chirp

and my neighbour calls for her sister

and I think of love

and I can hear the old lady next door cry

and I think of pain

and the fact that soon it will rain                                                               

and I feel glad that I will mix with the earth

something in me rejoices

at this thought

and I feel relieved and happy

that I will go back to the elements

from which I was made

and finally become air that anyone can breathe.

Through The Thick Forest Of Trees

there is sky

and ahead the past

is a fading picture

the green mountains

are beautiful and happy

they stand in a trance

as the birds chirp

in the sunlight

my neighbour laughs

so loudly and so much

I am reminded of happiness

and a white cow grazes

on the forest floor

and Claus told me

Shahul’s son saw

some tiger cubs

and a tigress

in the forest

where he had gone

to bring back

his cow

and I think of

a shining deep blue peacock

with its bright green circles

its beauty and its grace

and I think how nice

it would be to have one

strutting across my property

also a nice brown deer

with white spots so lovely

so wonderful its face its eyes

so pretty I would like to have too

looking on in innocence and wonder

and Claus goes past on his bike

and shouts hello and I shout back

hello too and Aravind is exercising

he is running up and down the stairs

of his nearly built new house he is also

hanging upside down from the terrace

and calls out hello to me as he passes by

and I think of my own childhood when I was Emperor

and owned vast lakes across which I sped by in my speedboat

or rode my black stallion across my open green plains and endless mountains

and now as the breeze blows I find I have grown wings and am flying in the sky and a black and white bird flies close to me and says hi.

A Bright And Light Yellow Butterfly

flits by like magic

so fast

sun in its wings

and deep green

the forests

and so content

the big mountains

and the sky

white and blue

and life is air

pure freedom

happiness like honey

these bees here produce

O sweet weather

thank you for being

so cool

you deserve a kiss

you are my true lover

you embrace me

all day and night

like no one else has

your intoxicating caresses

lull me to such pleasure

your breath breeze

leading me to oblivion

that now I am the garden

of great happiness

the moon covering

my mind like stars

in the sea like lights

like water our element

in that primal darkness

I am voice I am echo

I am no more a single entity

I have multiplied

I am lit up all over the world

I am the golden and silver dazzle

of the silent music of every human

every animal every form of life

I am the stones and the sand

and buried under the earth

and sunk under the sea I am

so many lost voices of the dead

and I have gathered everyone

in my arms I have left no one behind

nothing I have taken them all

and I am now at the core of the earth

our mother’s son she whose milk

nurtured me and so many others

we say thank you for everything

as we suckle at your breast like babies

and delighting in all this warmth I shout

O universe of wonder O father who

sired me and all my brothers and sisters

O living ship on which we sail hail!

The Leaves

of the trees

in the forest

dance in the wind

in the sunlight

two beautiful black

and white birds fly

and then there is a

yellow butterfly

fluttering so nice

and then there is

another yellow butterfly

and the green mountains

are so calm and bright

and I see at one spot

a fire burning

and above me

is the blue sky

so sweet and happy

and big white clouds

floating in bliss

I spread my arms

and rise and I kick

my legs and fly free

in the wide expanse

without end

and my body

soon dissolves

into my mind

as my mind


breaks free

and see

there is no

more me

and I am very happy

to be a tree

a flying frisbee

a key

or a bee taking a pee.

And The Sunset

was so beautiful

one part of the sky

in the distance

was burning red

and dark clouds

loomed beyond them

at one point

it looked like

a beautiful brushstroke

by some giant artist

and the sky was blue

right above me

and there were

big white clouds

that did not move

and they looked wonderful

and then

there were clouds

that moved

like fog covering

bigger areas

and as I stretched

my neck back

to look

there was the half moon

in the sky

and clouds

were chasing it

and soon covered it


though the moon

emerged again

partially first

and then fully

and the trees

all around were smiling

as fresh breezes blew

they swayed in happiness

their multi-shaded green

swooning in joy

the leaves twinkled

like stars

of various shape

and birds flew about

adding magic

to the spectacle

and then

above me

I saw the light

silver at the head

of the cloud

how it shone

so strong and bright

it put me in a mood

of deep delight

and I thought of the skies

of my childhood

and I wondered

why I felt sad

when I saw

birds flying

in the distance

and now I realise

that we are

living creatures

doomed to love

but not know

each other

that we will

always be too many

that we will grow old

that we will wither and die.