Mist Rises Thickly From Many Places

in the mountains

the forest is various shades

of green

small patches

of lightish brown

and almost yellow

near me there is one

beautiful light green

flowering tree

its colour translucent

its flowers

wonder and contemplation

and there in the far distance

in that thicket of trees

there is one lone tree

flowering red

so happy it seems

its redness shouting

out its joy

nature’s toy

delighting me

making me feel like a boy

now the TV towers are there too

on another mountain

and in the slowly growing sunlight

the grass dazzles

emerald green

nature’s queen

how you preen

so glad this morning

it’s you

I’ve seen

next mountain

there are two pretty power stations

they stand there saying all nations

are one nation

you see last night I slept well

and so I’m ringing like a bell.

And Now To Defreeze

the mind

under the melting sun

why it smells so strongly of leaves

earth has taken residence

in your mouth

your eyes see endless green rivers

and the sun

how it beats down on your head

carrying lines of poetry

between the continents

how we drink of it

and come alive

and then the world is no more

it leaves us and goes away

we breathe we just breathe

because we need to

and now when the stars come out

in the sky

you realise you can’t move

you are neither awake nor asleep

you can really do nothing

except stare at the moon

an old homeless lady haunted

how she appears slowly

by your window

peering in.