So Now The Day Is Well

and the sun

is in the sky

shining brightly


and the blue of the sky

is so beautiful

light and deep

at places

I have not seen

any painting

this gorgeous

and I think that the sky

is happy

with itself

and with the world

and today

I can hear it speak

its blue language

its magical music

of the mother suckling

her children

at her breast

and the milk that we drink

is the cool white milk

of the clouds

pure and refreshing

and then I see the darkness

between the trees

of various shapes

and I see they are

living beings like us

big black transcendent

creatures of the earth

breathing and I can see

the smiles on their faces

they too are happy

because their

mothers are trees

green and soft and beautiful

and they too are suckling at their

mother’s breasts

and are happy children

of the world

and the earth

is the mother of everything

we know on this planet

and on her we all sleep

at night when she

suckles at the milk

of the universe

which is her mother

and we know how happy

she is then and how freely she floats

without any support

and how we feel our own hearts

grow free

and every dusk our wings unfurl

and we fly like birds to our sky mummy

who gathers us in her arms in joy

kisses us

and puts us to sleep

another night

on this earth.

This Cold Day

has frozen my thoughts

while I look at this boy

from the neighbourhood

run up and down the street

happily singing in Tamil

and that makes me smile

freeing my locked mind

soon the rain begins to fall

and it strangely sounds like words

while from my head emerges birds

winging and singing in glee

and the rain tells me

see how I set you free

and I sing thank you

for liberating me

and then the birds

and the words

merge into one

and suddenly I realise

it’s so much fun

when the rain stops

and out comes the sun

and still the words flow

as the breezes blow

and still the music plays

in the sun’s rays.

The Tree Canopy

in the forest

is silent

in green

and it has been


making it cold

but there are

such games that

are so wild

you thunder across

the earth

like a dinosaur

and this town

is a series of rolling hills

where the trees dance

and the birds sing

and through my window

I encounter the world

so radiant the sky like freedom

its light growing

and a strong breeze blows

and the leaves flutter

and the birds chirp and squawk

till there is silence

that is haunting

it seems like we have been

given so much of the world

to hold in us

we can see the earth

before our eyes turn

and there is

the forest the spice farms

the wind and once again the rain

so beautiful it sounds as it rises and falls

and you are in the lap of Gulliver

you are this enchanted creature of fantasy

and flesh and heart and mind

and when you find

how your thoughts flow peacefully together

you are overjoyed

and you run down the giant’s body

back to mother earth

and lay down on her and cry

mummy mummy you say

as your sobs wrack you

thank you for your love.

Now The Blankness Becomes A Chirp

trains I remember

lots of them

one going over an endless river

and the red earth

and the green water the blue seas

O so intoxicating it is

the breeze across the rain drenched fields

the women bending working

and the towns the houses flying past

and the children with their happy faces waving

yesterday this very pretty yellow and black bird

flew into the trees and I saw this golden cat enter my property

the green hills are bliss they are magic they are the best actors

they can become anything and the trees the canopy O so haunting

so much power it has like a big green cave meditating and through its power

inviting you and you can hear the silence you can feel it now in your hands

flowing between your fingers you can feel the quietness in you begin to grow

and you know now as you close your eyes night comes in the sky and when you open them

the music of the cosmos is in this stillness this perfect calm inside the body the equilibrium

of the mind the balance when the universe hangs free and weightless you slowly rise into the atmosphere

and how you are now all delight formless brilliance shining how you are light glowing the world inside

you now and you breathing inside inside inside into such depths you are all air you are no more

yourself at all you are flowing you are no more one person or one entity you are no more tied you are free.

The Leaves

of the trees

in the forest

dance in the wind

in the sunlight

two beautiful black

and white birds fly

and then there is a

yellow butterfly

fluttering so nice

and then there is

another yellow butterfly

and the green mountains

are so calm and bright

and I see at one spot

a fire burning

and above me

is the blue sky

so sweet and happy

and big white clouds

floating in bliss

I spread my arms

and rise and I kick

my legs and fly free

in the wide expanse

without end

and my body

soon dissolves

into my mind

as my mind


breaks free

and see

there is no

more me

and I am very happy

to be a tree

a flying frisbee

a key

or a bee taking a pee.

There Are Two Trees

flowering yellow in the forest

a puff of feather floats across

me on the terrace rising steadily

into the trees silence is golden sun

shining so bright the green canopy glows

and up above there is bright light in the blue sky

there are clouds so wildly shaped in wonder you look

with awe up above you where freedom flows freely like air

and the scene is so pure it is like the burning flame of childhood

it is memory imagine friend imagine yourself in a train and the vast

countryside outside imagine the endless red earth the lands of brightness

and the rivers flowing white and blue and green and muddy brown and the sun blasted

fields alongside the mountains flying the sand coloured the black the big the grey the green

imagine the people in their different clothes who didn’t see you and who saw you and who you saw

and who you didn’t see the animals the dogs the cats the cows the bullocks in the water and the

breezes blowing and the women bending down and working and your heart bursting with joy you so

happy with life so golden and silver and sparkling you shout with heart in your human happiness in

your celebration like a bird singing and a woman in the field bursting into laughter begins to run.

At Night

the mind climbs

to the skies

and then begins

its journey


this tunnel

it is slowly rising

and rising along air

you are dreaming

you are in your element

you are being entertained

you have never been

this happy and free

that you start to cry

and now you begin

to see light and cry

some more

and you are still

effortlessly rising

the breath

of the universe

on you

you cry in joy

and all around

is beautiful white

that is cleansing

your eyes

and you feel

that coolness

that breathing

on your face again

and now you hear

birds chirping

and there is

dew on your skin

and suddenly the sun

pulls your cheeks

and says

good morning.

I Pour Myself

into Debussy’s sea

and it is so nice

to be water

and shine under the moonlight

watch how we flow

we always escape your mind

slowly we rock you

into oblivion

and go our way

and you are there

on the shore

waiting waving

and the water

is magic

taking us

to different destinations

O you who are there

on the other side

take these words

and throw them

into the sea

only then will you be free

and the piano now

is a wave

swallowing us in its roar

and as we are washed

in this mesmerising music

we are no more


we have escaped

our element

and you are me

and he and she

and I am nothing


and the moon

our mother smiles.


is pure soothing

clear oblivion

and the forest

grows more

and more beautiful

its green swims

says hello

its red is so haunting

it tells you

you are ageless

you live forever

the sunlight

will never go out

the birds will always chirp

the sky will always

hold its blue

and you look at the mountains

how deep they are

in meditation

and you are lost once again

to that silence

and you get to the heart

of the matter now

and it is a deeper silence again

you hear

with your freedom

your life

you hold

in your hands

you look at

your fingers

and you see

time passing

through them with

such steadiness

such silence

you are mesmerised

and you fall through them

like a feather

and now you know

that nothing

not even death

can stop you

because soon you

are formless

yet carried

by the wind

like a mother

her child.

There Is Now A Better World

that has made me happier

and the sunlight is honey

and I look ahead to tonight

where I think the darkness

like a mother will sing me to sleep

and that will be so nice

now the trees stand green and beautiful

and a bird chirps and there is silence

and the mountains look so calm

and the people are happy to be

out of that strict coronavirus lockdown

in the more relaxed fourth phase that began today

and I too was happy after speaking to Dr Soman

when he told me to continue medication for a week

and now that I have the medicines

and am at home and writing this

and my neighbour laughs happily

while another one chats with someone

and again there is that silence which is so relaxing

which is the best thing about being in Kumily

apart from the weather which is very good too

and the landscape of course that is so beautiful

there is that purity that is born of this quietness

where your mind is washed by the hands of time

and set free like a bird into the blue sky where you fly

amidst these big white clouds and you see yourself from there

you see yourself here down below in your house in your bedroom

in your chair sitting at your computer and writing this and you are like

a bird Dominic I tell myself and your words are birds that fly into your readers’ minds

and make them turn into birds and fly in turn and by that create a culture of air and freedom

in which everyone can fly and meet in the sky and there is never ever any reason to cry.