The Forest Is Alive

with the sound

of the cicadas

and the trees

stand still in


the mountains

are dazed

under the sun

the blue sky

floats free

in sheer delight

and big white clouds


life is beautiful

like these multi-coloured birds

that flew past my house

this morning

brown and red

and white and big

and I feel light

as laughter

as a dog barks

and an autorickshaw

goes past the street

and the dog

continues to bark

and the electricity

which had gone

comes back

and I am then


of my illness

the claws

in my throat

and I think

about my death

and the leaves

of the clove tree

outside my house

are still

and the sound

the cicadas make

now seem like

a giant serpent

a wave that will

swallow me whole.

Now All Is Quiet

and then the birds chirp

sunlight splashes our town

with golden light

the red house

in the valley shines

and then there is silence

once again

before the birds chirp

all over

and a dog barks

in the distance

and it is beautiful

there is nothing greater

than this

nature’s music

under the blue skies

where big white clouds sprawl

below which here

in this neighbourhood

people talk

and in the distance

the forests and mountains stand

lush green and I think

it is so lovely

that charming house

on the hill

like a dream

what does it mean

this beauty

and next to it

that wonderful round hill

on which two TV towers stand

that too looks like some dream

beyond which there is complete silence

and then I knew what

that quiet meant

how it slowed the world

slowed your mind

till you lost yourself

and when you came back

you felt refreshed

and you saw that

silence is golden

and the trees that stood

all around you

too were a dream

lost in green

and all of us were

flowing in the scene

like puppets tumbling

you saw all this

mixed up in the most

bizarre of creations

and you closed your eyes

and smiled.

We Are By The Side

of this quiet hill

all around is green

and the morning is fresh

and comfortably warm

and the crickets are unusually

loud for this time

of the day

and the parrots screech

as they fly

and other birds chirp

as the sun shines

and the entire valley is quiet

and you can feel

the pure joy of this silence

inside you

and the sky that covers all

is so beautiful

white and blue

with such big white clouds

so wonderful

so blissfully still

mesmerising you

and now a dog barks

and it is strangely so nice

then a cock crows

and there is a woman

saying something

and someone opens

a door

and a big black butterfly

flits about

perhaps the crickets

have a purpose

perhaps they are

celebrating something

we don’t know

so be happy

and enjoy the day

and goodbye before

I fly away.

At This Time

as the morning unfolds

the white skies

and cool air

the cock crows

and Diwali firecrackers

burst in the background

the sun yesterday

burned me

blazing into my body

my head

I am still hot

and I await luck like a dog

the buildings are bones

that belong to others

I pee in the gardens

while the stars up above laugh

the moon howls through

its white and silver circle

a perfect expression

chilling my heart

you’ve got to live Dominic

I tell myself

you’ve got to fight

you’ve got to earn your life

on your four limbs

and breathe fresh air

I wag my tail

I trot

I run through

the streets of Bombay

like a wild hound