So Much Disturbance

in the mind

I must paint

it white

the exhaustion

of its capacities

and its death

black dark

the endless universe then

but the birds chirp

and the sun shines

and the rooster struts

on my boundary wall

and as I watch it walk

the silence is pure

so pure it raises

me from the dead

and releases me into the air

I now breathe

free and beautiful

like Debussy’s music

where the seawater gently rocks

in palm-sized moonlit transparence

so clear so cool dancing

and then you see

that it is alive

just like you and me

cascading gently across

the ocean’s quiet

making watery ripples

that cup the heart

in its hands

linking hands with yours

taking you down this

skating shimmering silver life

your beating heart entranced

held still in the beauty

of its strangeness

where you live

where you die.

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