There Is Now A Better World

that has made me happier

and the sunlight is honey

and I look ahead to tonight

where I think the darkness

like a mother will sing me to sleep

and that will be so nice

now the trees stand green and beautiful

and a bird chirps and there is silence

and the mountains look so calm

and the people are happy to be

out of that strict coronavirus lockdown

in the more relaxed fourth phase that began today

and I too was happy after speaking to Dr Soman

when he told me to continue medication for a week

and now that I have the medicines

and am at home and writing this

and my neighbour laughs happily

while another one chats with someone

and again there is that silence which is so relaxing

which is the best thing about being in Kumily

apart from the weather which is very good too

and the landscape of course that is so beautiful

there is that purity that is born of this quietness

where your mind is washed by the hands of time

and set free like a bird into the blue sky where you fly

amidst these big white clouds and you see yourself from there

you see yourself here down below in your house in your bedroom

in your chair sitting at your computer and writing this and you are like

a bird Dominic I tell myself and your words are birds that fly into your readers’ minds

and make them turn into birds and fly in turn and by that create a culture of air and freedom

in which everyone can fly and meet in the sky and there is never ever any reason to cry.

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