How Strangely We Are Built

our bodies our minds

and that strange

is the world too

beautiful and bad

nature and therefore we

are like that

our greatnesses

our stupidities

mercy mercy

peace happiness

joy I want

I wail and wail

like a child

calm I want

calm I want

to be

and that jazzbird

has arrived

and finally it is nearing dawn

and that wonderful

bird is playing

its horn

twee twee


it goes on for long

there is so much

and so beautiful

it knows it’s playing

and the music it is making

it raises its volume now

it is welcoming the sun

in its own language

it is blowing out the meaning

of its life


the gaps the turns

the stops

and now it goes back to its first note

wow what a musician

how it blows

and the trees and everyone is listening

to the jazzbird

playing another variation


I too should just stop writing

and listen

and now a whistler bird

is blowing its sweet long whistle louder

and the jazzbird is in the background

nature is showing its sonic parade

it is celebrating in the morning

the birds are at least

because they are the happiest

only they can fly.


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