At Juhu Beach Yesterday

there were so many people

so chilled out

so many women

whose lips I wanted to kiss

and the sky

and the sea

merging beautifully

and then a tiny beggar girl

who went past me

talking baby talk

sounded like an old woman


her life

sand in the breeze

that voice shook me

to the bone

it was like

some withered ghost woman

speaking from a cave

and the sea

and the crowd

disappeared into a cloud

and on my way home

the busy mad streets

the dark buildings

growing like monster concrete trees

the traffic the noise

slowly faded

and then the lights coming on


also faded

from my mind

remembering that beggar girl’s eyes

and thinking of our different lives

under the darkening face

of the uncomprehending skies.


The above poem is from my third book The Branches (2015).

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