Sometimes your voice wants to hide.

It probably wants to get under

the desk of your old school.

I don’t know.


The voice has many enemies.

They’ve always been there.

They mock the voice.

They make it squeak,

break and dissipate.


You can hear their

vulgar laughter

if you listen closely.


These voices huddle in groups

and operate within earshot.


When you hear them,

be careful, but don’t be afraid.


Let your voice erupt like a volcano.

Often, you won’t know it

when this happens.


That doesn’t matter. It’s what

they are most scared of.


Though remember, your voice

will not drown out

the other voices.


They’ll just be quiet

for a while, nursing their wounds.


Then they’ll be back.

The war of the voices will always go on.

Be prepared.


The above poem is from my first collection Reeling (2012). You can download Reeling for free here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dominic-alapat/reeling/ebook/product-22413556.html

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